A Strategic Plan Defines and Provides:

  • The core values of the business
  • The Mission and Vision Statement
  • The Integrity of product or service
  • A shared vision to which the entire organization is committed
  • Clarity of the Brand
    • Customers must know the Company knows what it is doing
    • A competitor analysis will be completed
    • The relevant trends and the potential risks and rewards
    • Identification of markets and development of market niche

The Plan Will:

  • An ESA Environmental Scan will examine the following:
    • Business trends
    • Demographics
    • Economics
    • Technological needs
    • Political-legal issues
    • Social-cultural issues
  • Perform a SWOT analysis, if warranted
    • Examine relevance to marketplace
    • Examine technology requirements
    • Explore business positioning
    • Research and validate long term growth strategy
    • Benchmark using typical best practices operating statistics
  • Ensure the company to hire and retain quality associates
  • Establish and define goals
    • How will goals will be reached
    • What will be the critical keys to success for the clients business
    • ESA assists the client in defining stakeholder expectations and establish clear and compelling objectives for the business
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